System Owner: DevOps’ Missing Link/Part 4 (last but not least) : The system owner, the product owner’s technical partner

In the previous sections, we have discussed the context and the organizational proposals DevOps made by training or feedback. From now on we have to find a pragmatic solution adapted to the customer in the process of transformation. This presupposes, first and foremost, an audit and analysis phase that will allow the outline of the… Read More

System Owner: DevOps’ Missing Link/Part 3: DevOps and the Disruption of Organizations

In the previous article we exposed the mantras that must be assimilated to move towards DevOps. As an accompaniment, organizational models exist for implementation and execution. Compared to old models, these models are truly disruptive, and undoubtedly disturbing. There is no special obligation to impose them in bing-bang mode to transform an IT structure. Nevertheless,… Read More

System Owner: DevOps’ Missing Link/Part 1: Daily Chronicle of the CIO

It’s always a shock to discover just to what extent a big organization can silo activities to the point where engineers lose the meaning and understanding of their work’s overall value, thus plunging them into a form of alienation that ends up establishing itself as an organizational and social norm (this is a never ending… Read More